Aleph 0


Aleph 0 is the personal unincorporated organization whose sole proprietor and member is Christian Jones. That's right, it's really nothing more than a vanity domain that serves Mr. Jones's overdeveloped sense of ego, a place for him to organize his projects and to bring light to his ambitions. Thank you for feeding his zeal. Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.


Aleph 0, at the moment, contains two categories of interest whose importance is unrivaled throughout all of cyberspace: information on the Aleph 0 Computing Project and the homepages of Aleph 0 users. These are nearly overfilled with information vital to both personal and international interests; please explore them as thoroughly as possible before moving on with your life.


Aleph 0 is affiliated with a small number of other sites that fall under the oppressive thumb of Mr. Jones. ChristianJones.MD is his “professional” site, dedicated to his goals of treating patients, shaping health policy, and making the world a nominally better place. No Rights Reserved is his vain attempt to convince others to truly free their work by dedicating it to the public domain instead of encumbering it with copyrights.

Contact Information

For questions, comments, or concerns about this site's content or appearance, you might first look at Reading Aleph 0. Feel free to email Christian Jones at any persistent issues related to Aleph 0.