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Aleph 0 Computing



Network Status

Currently (actually, as of a couple of months ago) my network is (was) set up like the network diagram below. For specifics on individual machines, look at the machines page.

Current network diagram

The main server is a fairly high-powered multi-function OpenBSD box which keeps most of the network together and houses a significant amount of hard disk space for storage and backups. It acts as an open wireless access point to the Internet but is firewalled so as to allow a minimum of untrusted access (http/https only) and to protect the other (“trusted”) machines from the Internet and from those “untrusted” and using the AP. Internet service is provided at an advertised speed of 8Mbps by Comcast.


In the process of working on this project, I've contributed in some very minor ways to the open source community. I consider those contributions “subprojects” of the Aleph 0 computing project; they're listed here in the hopes that they'll be of some sort of use to others.