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Aleph 0 Computing: Machines

The network may be the computer, but machines make up the network. This is the master list, the current machines making up the Aleph 0 Computing Project and the roles they each take.

Machines making up the Aleph 0 Computing Project
Machine nameRoleSpecsOS
jeremyprimary computer17-inch Powerbook G4 (October 2005), G4 1.67 GHz, 100 GB, 2 GBMac OS X 10.4
danaWindows computerDell Inspiron 1000, Celeron 2.2 GHz, 60 GB, 768 MBWindows XP Professional SP2
isaacrouter, firewall, access point, fileserverhome-built Pentium D 805, 2.1 TB (total, over several drives), 2 GBOpenBSD 4.1-STABLE
danHTPCPhillips DSR-704 DirecTiVo, 60 GBTiVo 6.2 (Linux 2.4.20 kernel)