Aleph 0 Mac OS X Software

Compared to what's necessary to put Microsoft Windows XP into what I consider a usable state, Apple Mac OS X comes with an excellent selection of software included as part of the operating system. This is partly due to its strong UNIX tool background, but partly because Apple has made great strides toward usability throughout its existence.

Still, I add a few things to my Mac computers. Below is the software I have installed; some of it is only available to purchase, but a great deal is downloadable for free.

Commercial Software

Apple Mac OS X Tiger
Of course, the first software installed is the operating system itself.
Apple iWork '05
iWork is Apple's answer to Microsoft Office. It includes a combination word processor/desktop publisher and a presentation program. Both are more-or-less compatible with their Microsoft counterparts, but have significantly more style. The primary motivation for installing this is being able to read the PowerPoint files many faculty use.
Intuit Quicken 2005
This personal finance software was included with my Mac mini; it can be installed by inserting the Mac OS X disc that came with the computer and choosing “Install bundled software only”.
Apple Mac mini CPU Help Files
Though only marginally “commercial”, these are files on the installation disc that came with my Mac mini which provide information about the mini itself. These are installed by just inserting that disc and running the “Install bundled software only” program.

Downloadable Software

(The primary link for each application is to the download page. Links within the description may take you to a more informative page about the software.)

Apple Backup 2.0.2 (.Mac account required to download)
Available as part of .Mac, Apple Backup allows backing up your data to your iDisk; it also allows full .Mac members to backup to a removable-media drive.
The Battle for Wesnoth 0.9.1
The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.
Cisco VPN 3000 Client 4.6-Interim (USC account required to download)
The Cisco VPN 3000 Client is a proprietary client used to connect to the USC private network.
Dasher 1.0
Originally designed to display the dashboard after a period of inactivity, Dasher also effectively displays it after resuming from screensaver or standby, assuming you set the timer appropriately.
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.3
The Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client allows you to remotely use a Microsoft Windows computer that is running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services.
Microsoft Windows Media Player 9
Microsoft Windows Media Player adds the ability to play WMV and ASF files, either from the Finder or within Safari, Netscape, or Internet Explorer.
Ogg Vorbis for QuickTime 1.0d8
Ogg Vorbis for QuickTime is a part of the QuickTime Components project that adds Ogg Vorbis decoding support to QuickTime (and thus iTunes).
0SEx 0.0110a1
0SEx (which, just to make things confusing, is sometimes called OSEx, with an “oh” instead of a zero) is an acceptable OS X replacement for the Microsoft Windows program DVD Decrypter, used to copy single titles from a DVD to the hard drive.
Safari Enhancer 2.5.3
Safari Enhancer allows advanced option changing within the Safari browser, such as enabling the debug menu, importing bookmarks, and configuring the history.
ShowOff Widget 1.0
A dashboard widget to display your uptime and keep track of the record.
XinePlayer 0.3
XinePlayer is a media player based upon the xine multimedia engine. It plays DVDs, QuickTime, MPEGs, and more—it can even play quickly over a network connection.
Zaurus USB Driver 0.2.8
The Zaurus USB Driver allows simple network connection to the Sharp Zaurus via a USB cable.