Aleph 0 users


Aleph 0 has rapidly become the source of email and web hosting for those acquaintances of Christian Jones who desire an essentially limitless permanent account. Please note that the user pages listed below are produced by the respective user, and as such, are not the property of Christian Jones, are not (necessarily) governed by the policies, copyright statements, and arbitrary lawlessness applicable to the rest of Aleph 0.


Christian Jones is Owner, Sole Proprietor, Dictator for Life, and Benevolent Despot of Aleph 0. He's also a surgeon, information wrangler, computer geek, and video buff. Don't cross him.
Lindsey Martin is Mr. Jones's significant other, an actuary who was kind enough to follow him around the country for nothing more than love and an occasional romp. She doesn't actively maintain her page, but minimalism can be quite effective, too.
Deborah Kimball is an acquaintaince of Mr. Jones and Ms. Martin, and a colleague of Mr. Jones in medicine. Her page is a collection of information most relevant to her fellow medical students.
Nestor Makris is an old friend of Mr. Jones; in fact, he's certainly the one who's been a user of Aleph 0 the longest, in spirit, at least. He's working hard serving our country, so his page is barely existent. Don't judge him.
Daniel Warren is another friend of Mr. Jones and Ms. Martin, this one from graduate school. A mathematician, musician, and educator extraordinaire, Dr. Warren is the latest addition to the list of Aleph 0 users.