Nobody's Home

This isn't a blog. This isn't a profile page, something that gets updated with self-indulgent random thoughts or even peak events in the author's life. This isn't intended for “social networking”, to explore feelings or make up experiences, or for the author to be a star of cyberspace or the recipient of venture capital. (Of course, if a well-meaning venture capitalist needs to offload some cash, the author is not refusing.)

I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

I am an Internet user, one who tries to make things work, Get Things Done®, and add just a little bit to the nigh-infinite and rapidly expanding space from which I take so much. My name's Christian Jones, though that's far from unique as well. I am sometimes chjones or therealchjones, christianjonesmd, aleph0, or, in some previous nearly-forgotten life, heremond or hrothgar.

And, as anyone who recognized the names in the previous paragraph will certainly note, I am a dork.

This is my homepage. It is not particularly original, but is a tiny entrance into the areas of my online life where I continue to spend my time and energy. At some point, the content of previous such homepages may be available here, as might the ongoing and increasingly less frequent diatribes that punctuate my minimally creative existence. The ethereally electronic projects with which I am most concerned are linked here; the pages elsewhere on which most of my day-to-day mundanity is documented are noted as well.

If you can't find anything of interest, well, welcome to my world.